Isabelle Shook LPC | Therapist

Meet Isabelle

Meet Isabelle

I am a compassionate person-centered, solution-focused therapist who will meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

I love working with people ready and willing to invest in themselves, their family, and their future.

As we work together, you’ll build more self-confidence, be able to set and maintain boundaries with yourself and others, find your authentic voice, and recognize non-working patterns of thinking and behaving.

You will be empowered to make decisions that support you. Move past your past and into a brighter future.


Possible outcomes include:

  • Build positive communication skills and fair fighting/disagreement rules
  • Connect with your partner from a place of strength instead of hurt
  • Achieve more self-trust and the capacity to be with a fuller range of emotions
  • Develop coping skills and respond from an empowered place instead of old-triggering reactions
  • Have more resilience and stamina to sit with uncomfortable feelings, including fear and shame
  • Be able to discern between your intuition and old trauma-tapes
  • Increase your capacity to sit calmly and quietly with yourself
  • Discover that your current unproductive relational strategies and coping skills once served an important role in keeping you safe
  • Experience more self-kindness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Have increased energy and a desire to live your life more fully
  • Grow into a happier, healthier person who can enjoy your company
  • Experience more life-giving inspiration, hope for the future, and freedom from the past

Your insights will turn into actions.

Your discernment and good judgment of others will improve.

Finally, you will be free to create a life you love.

Sincerely, Isabelle Shook, MC, NCC, LPC, SEP, NARM, BCC