Isabelle Shook LPC | Therapist

Letter From Isabelle

Dear Reader,

I am a licensed professional counselor in Connecticut and Arizona via telehealth.

I have extensive credentialing and accolades with over ten years of specialized trauma training, including complex PTSD, near-death experiences, developmental and shock trauma, grief and loss, medical trauma, chronic illness, and long-haul covid.

In 2008 I earned my CACREP accredited excellence in counseling master’s degree from the University of Phoenix. I began working as a full-time licensed mental health professional at that time in residential treatment centers until 2022.

I grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, which I still call “home,” and moved to Arizona in 1995 to earn a BA from Prescott College in Outdoor Experiential Learning, with an emphasis in Equine-Assisted Personal Growth.

After falling in love with my husband and the southwest, we built a family and life together in Sedona, Arizona.

I have traveled and lived worldwide and enjoy people’s diversity and cultures from everywhere.

I spend my self-care time in nature, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and finishing my book on equine therapy, a dynamic approach to healing trauma.

In 2004, I founded Equine Guidance®, a somatic-equine-therapy, Sedona-bucket-list—experience with my three American Bashkir Curly Horses, Mimi, Penny, and Salsa.

I am honored that people come from around the globe to experience this innovative somatic equine therapy to attain remarkable breakthroughs that talk therapy cannot achieve.

Together we assist your nervous system in resolving chronic stress and trauma, increasing your capacity to manage stress and accomplish your goals.

The Equine Guidance® Experience is one 3-hour session or multi-day retreat with the horses upon request. All experiences include a 1-hour telephone follow-up conversation.

I look forward to working with you online or with the horses in Sedona.

If you’d like, please schedule a 15 min. connection call with me to get your questions answered at your convenience here!


Isabelle Shook, MC, LPC, NCC, SEP, NARM, BCC